Hurricane Storm Panel Manufacturing, Inc.

Serving Commercial and Residential Storm and Hurricane Shutter Customers
in Central Florida and the Space Coast since 2004

"We Sell Directly to the Public"

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Hurricane Storm Panel Manufacturing, Inc. is a locally owned and operated manufacturer of aluminum and steel hurricane shutters serving Brevard County and the Florida Space Coast.

Our Mission is to provide the most up to date ALUMINUM, STEEL, and LEXAN storm shutter products at an affordable price for both residential and commercial customers.

Orders are typically turned around for next day of business and can be produced the same day of order upon request.

Removable storm panels are the most common and most effective method of protecting your home from storms. They are customized to fit any application size and shape. Our storm panels come in either galvanized steel, aluminum or clear Lexan. The popularity of storm panels is attributed to the systems price, ease of use, and ability to withstand hurricane force winds and flying debris. Subsequent to existing testing, our storm panels are Florida Building Code and HVHZ approved for maximum hurricane protection; thereby qualifying for windstorm mitigation incentives from your homeowner insurance company.

Protect Your Family

Central Florida and the Space Coast are always threatened  during the hurricane season from June 1st  through November 30th. Hurricanes have devastated a lot of homes and properties due to heavy winds and rain. Several people have lost their lives and properties because of these storms. In order to prepare for disasters like hurricanes and heavy rain storms it is necessary to have the proper hurricane shutters to protect yourself from losing your investments and protecting your family.

By purchasing ALUMINUM, STEEL, and LEXAN storm shutters from Hurricane Storm Panel Manufacturing, Inc. you can feel safe that you have chosen a company that offers the best possible hurricane protection at a very affordable price. We hope you will contact us to allow us to further detail why we are the best option to protect your family and investments.

Protect Your Home

The installation process from start to finish may include the following:

  • Having your home measured for hurricane shutters
  • Securing an estimate
  • Allowing time for storm shutters to be produced
  • Installation time
  • Wind mitigation
  • Reporting to your homeowners insurance company for policy savings or to prevent policy increases without coverage

Homeowner Installation

Our installers will leave behind a homeowners packet that includes:

  • Openings / Location / Number of Panels & Size
  • Color Pictures of your home to map out where the panels should be installed

Consider purchasing hurricane shutters now to protect your home and family.