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Serving Commercial and Residential Storm and Hurricane Shutter Customers
in Central Florida and the Space Coast since 2004

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Removable storm shutter panels provide the most cost effective protection against the violent ravages of hurricanes and tropical storms. Their rock solid durability and easy set up makes storm shutter panels an absolute necessity anywhere storms and hurricanes threatens the safety of your property. Our ALUMINUM, STEEL, and LEXAN panels have been engineered to meet the most stringent wind codes in the country and have been reviewed and accepted by the Florida Building Code product control.

  • Inside rolled edge panels make installation easier and safer.
  • Our 2 inch profile panel design has approximately 25% more strength than a flat or plywood panel
  • Panels can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Our ALUMINUM, STEEL, and LEXAN panels are 12.5 inches on center, therefore requiring less panels and lower costs for most homes or commercial businesses.
  • All storm panel orders are custom cut to your specific opening needs of your home or business
  • Our panels are priced 50% below what you would find in a do-it-yourself home improvement store
  • Panels can be easily stored in your garage (10) panels stacked are approximately on inch in depth
  • Our ALUMINUM, STEEL, and LEXAN panels meet or exceed Florida Building Codes; FL 18293, ASTM E1886, E1996, TAS 201, 202, 203

Types of Storm Panels

Storm panels are available in Clear, Steel and Aluminum. Panels are easy to store in a garage or storage room.

Steel – is the least expensive hurricane shutter product meeting the current Florida Building Code. The shutter panel is mill in color.

Aluminum – This shutter panel is half the weight of a steel panel and recommended for homeowners close to the ocean because the shutter is rust proof.

Lexan – We recommend that lexan panels are purchased with your Steel or Aluminum panels to let light into your home during the storm. Place lexan panels in your kitchen window and the rooms in which you plan on ridding the storm out in.