Hurricane Storm Panel Manufacturing, Inc.

Serving Commercial and Residential Storm and Hurricane Shutter Customers
in Central Florida and the Space Coast since 2004

"We Sell Directly to the Public"

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  • Do you have adequate protection for your windows and doors? Do you have storm panels, roll ups, accordions or Bahamas? If not, contact us. It typically takes a day to estimate, a day to produce and a day to install the proper storm security system for a home.
  • Plywood? Evidence from previous hurricanes has shown that plywood boards not properly installed can become flying missiles as they blow away creating additional hazards. Broken windows in exposed homes cause internal pressurization where roofs can explode and walls collapse.
  • Secure a backup generator when the power goes out to run 2-3 essential items
  • Assemble a kit of essentials, like battery-operated flashlights and radios (see attached emergency preparation shopping list)
  • Keep a list of emergency phone numbers
  • Have proper tools, supplies and a first aid kit
  • Always have plenty of non-perishable food on hand
  • Important documents – centrally locate a place for insurance cards, medical records, bank accounts, social security card, birth certificates
  • Understand your insurance coverage on your home and possessions as it pertains to hurricanes and flood damage.
  • Secure a plastic tarp for roof or window for short term repairs.
  • Learn about your community’s emergency plans, warning signals, evacuation routes and locations of emergency shelters.
  • Purchase a fire extinguisher – make sure everyone knows how to use it
  • Video or take photographs of your property – makes it easier for possible insurance claims